Cloud Atlas

I am a cloud gazer.

I love watching clouds. To observe how they move across the sky, clouds dissolving and reforming. I love the shapes they take, their magic colors at dawn or at sunset.
A sight that never ceases to fascinate me and fills me with awe; meditation and inspiration at the same time.

Otherworldly: the other night, here at the Seerhein

Beyond novel and movie of the same title, there indeed exists an atlas of clouds. First published in 1869 by members of the Clouds Commission of the International Meteorological Committee (now the World Meteorological Organization), it featured color plates of color photographs, then still a very new technology. Initially intended mainly for meteorological purposes, numerous later editions have been published.

The latest edition, published this spring, contains several new cloud shapes. My favorite: Stratocumulus fluctus Fluctus.

I’d love to see that one in the sky.

Stunning ‘new’ cloud formations captured in updated atlas – in pictures

Roll clouds and wave-like asperitas are among the additions to a new digital edition of the International Cloud Atlas that dates back to the 19th century



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