Where the Story Begins

Is there anything as satisfying for a booklover as watching thousands of books returning to their shelves?

Unfortunately, the Rose Main Reading Room was closed due to renovations when I stayed in New York in October 2015.

That’s where I am with my new novel right now, by the way – the New York Public Library is the starting point of a scavenger hunt encompassing two continents and several centuries that will take place at my desk over the next few months.


Colorful Singapore

A brief insight into Singapore’s colorful Peranakan culture – featured also in Time of the Wild Orchids –, given by the San Francisco Chronicle the other day.

Peranakan enclaves a surprising side of glitzy Singapore

The two-story home on Joo Chiat Terrace is packed with porcelain, jewelry, silver, clothing, shoes, and intricately carved display cases. “When I was growing up, I didn’t know what it was like to be Peranakan,” Yapp says, perching on a chair inlaid with mother-of-pearl in the front of the house in Singapore’s Joo Chiat neighborhood. (…)

Source: www.sfchronicle.com/travel/article/Peranakan-enclaves-a-surprising-side-of-glitzy-10824836.php



Spark(l)ing Magic

When I discovered this kind of winter magic this morning, the thought struck me how much a spider web resembles writing a novel.

At first, there is the concept, a vision; a silhouette, a structure. Then the threads are spun – first of all, for the framework; after that, threads are woven together to fill the intermediate space.

A time-consuming and often tedious process, especially at the beginning. Sometimes flaws in weaving occur; some passages have to be unraveled and rewoven. Holes gape open unexpectedly and have to be mended.

For quite a while, any progress is as sheer as spider silk and almost as invisible.

But then there are these moments when the weave suddenly gleams and sparkles, when it suddenly becomes visible in its entire shape. These moments when one can feel the text breathing and vibrating and emitting sparks, fully alive and completely independent from myself.

Purest magic, every time anew.


More Than Words

I am a writer.

That’s what I do. That is a large part of who I am.

The writing life, though, consists of more than the composition of texts. For me, it is a constant stream of creativity, of sensations, moods, thoughts and emotions, begetting the stories I want to tell and shaping them.

A kind of creativity reflected in this blog – in images, music videos, movie clips, with books I’m currently reading and art that fuels my imagination, complemented with insights into my writer’s life and news concerning my novels.

And last but not least, this blog is dedicated to the magic moments of everyday life, to the unimposing and sometimes hidden beauties: the poetry of small things.

For in stormy times like these, one needs every scrap of blue sky one can get.